#*dies of emotion* #but what if molly was his companion once #and now he stops by for breakfast #and keeps commenting because it seems like every time #there’s another ginger kid #adn when he sees harry it’s like ha! #i knew they couldn’t all be ginger! #and molly doesn’t bother telling the doctor that harry isn’t hers #because he is after all one of her boys #and she loves him just as though he was a weasley (via dwcompanion)

those tags broke me a little inside 

#Molly Weasley turned Daleks into actual pepperpots, because, honestly, she doesn’t have time for their nonsense.

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Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiró) | Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman


Endless list of favourite songs (27/?):Time to say goodbye

Who wore it better?: Alexandra Paul (2014 Canadian Tire National Championships) or Suzy (Eurovision 2014)

I just noticed while browsing the figure skating tag of Tumblr that Alexandra Paul’s outfit from the 2014 Canadian Tire National Championships is somewhat similar to the outfit that Suzy wore when she performed Quero Ser Tua at the Eurovision this year.

You think Jamie Sullivan died in A Walk To Remember? Think again!


This is what Nicholas Sparks had to say regarding Jamie:

Did Jamie live or die at the end of the novel?

As I mentioned in the notes, this is the most frequently asked question I receive through the mail. As far as I can tell, about 70% of the people think Jamie passed away, another 30% believe she lived, and when asking the question, they offer “proof” for their reasoning.

Who once said that good books inspire debate?

There are a number of things that I have to explain before I get into the answer so you can understand my reasoning. Part of it goes back to Message in a Bottle. (For those who skipped the section on Background information for Message in a Bottle, you may want to go back before you read on for a fuller understanding). In a nutshell, while many readers loved the ending of that novel, a great many were furious with me for it. Really furious. This was on my mind while writing the novel, and part of me thought that if I killed off another major character, my readers would never forgive me.

Nonetheless, when I started the novel, I knew that Jamie was going to die. Every page, every scene, every chapter was written with that idea and it continued to proceed that way right up until the end of the novel, when the time came to write those words.

And strangely, I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t do it. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t.

Why? Because by that time, I’d grown to love Jamie Sullivan. I marveled at her strength and faith, and I was proud of everything for which she stood. And I didn’t want her to die.

So I found myself in a dilemma.

Also, keep in mind that the story was also inspired by my sister, who was very much alive as I neared the end of the novel. Since it was inspired by her, I began to think, and she was alive…

I remember leaning back in my chair and absently scratching my chin, wondering what to do. Because of the story, because of all that I had written with her death in mind, because she was growing weaker and weaker throughout the story, it would have been dishonest (and frankly, very manipulative), to have Jamie suddenly cured. I could imagine some readers reaching the end and thinking, If that was the case, why the big build-up with her sickness? Others might close the book and think the entire novel was believable up until that point. I didn’t want either of those impressions of the novel.

So what was I to do? I didn’t want her to die, and couldn’t write those words. Yet, I plainly couldn’t let her live, either. I opted for the only solution, the solution that best described the exact feeling I had with regard to my sister at that point: namely, that I hoped she would live.

That’s the ending, folks. I wanted readers to finish with the hope that Jamie lived.

As to whether she actually lived or died, it’s ambiguous and purposely meant to be that way. If you wanted Jamie to live, she lived. If you knew that Jamie would die, she died.

As for me, (and I’m not the final say — I wrote the characters, but reader’s know them just as well as I do), I thought there was a good chance that Jamie lived.

At least, I hoped so.”

There you go.

I don’t know about you guys but have you noticed that Alexandra Paul’s outfit from the 2014 Canadian Tire Figure Skating Championships and Suzy’s outfit for her live performance of Quero Ser Tua at the Eurovision looks similar to each other?

He may not have won the #LombardiaTrophy but being in the sixth place is already an achievement worth praising! Congratulations @martinezfrost3 for giving us a wonderful performance back there! Even if you’ve only practiced for 3 weeks, you still managed to deliver a top notch short program and free skate! (Also we love your new skating outfits so much! My personal favorite is the one you wore for the free skate)
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Rest In Power

Boyce “Scoop” Coleman


supercala-faggot whispered: I think what is infuriating me most about the riots that were taking place night is that people were worried about 16-17 year olds getting the vote, they were worried we would be too immature, irresponsible etc to decide the fate of our own country and then we see grown men and women acting like complete animals, abusing people, being racist etc, it's disgusting


I know, I know. Funny how it was the 65+ that were the ones saying it.

Anonymous whispered: The Unionists will try to claim that even your attempts to secure full fiscal autonomy are divisive and they'll beat you over the head with their 55:45 mandate. However, because they violated the Edinburgh Agreement, kept devo-max off the ballot but belatedly promised it only to renege instantly, and advised "if you don't know, vote No", they cannot claim their mandate is one for British nationalism or centralist Unionism. Keep at it.


Oh we’re not stopping. Trust me, the plan is in place.

Anonymous whispered: Everyone keeps acting like Scotland is Quebec or Texas. Scotland is a country. Good luck getting international courts to back any claim that a country leaving a union of countries is illegal. The Act of Union was a voluntary dissolution of two countries into one. England is not an independent nation anymore than Scotland is. But I guarantee on my life that if England tried to leave the Union no one would have any problem with it.


Funny how that works, you are absolutely right.